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Home breast augmentation Points to Consider Before Looking Into A Breast Augmentation Facility On The Gold Coast & Brisbane Australia

Points to Consider Before Looking Into A Breast Augmentation Facility On The Gold Coast & Brisbane Australia

breast-augmentation-gold-coastBefore you consider approaching a breast augmentation facility on the Gold Coast or Brisbane, you should first understand the possible side effects from undergoing this type of surgery.

While it is true that the science and technology in the field of breast enlargement has improved by leaps and bounds and that today this type of surgery is fairly safe, nobody, even experts can claim that any procedure can be guaranteed one hundred percent free of any risks. Even facilities that have board certified professionals would tell their patients that this procedure is not without its risks.

Even though the risks have a low percentage of actually occurring it is important that we outline some of these. Surgical procedure carries some risk of infection, some bruising, or even the reaction to anaesthesia. In this instance with breast augmentation there is also the possibility of complications related to the breast implant; there are issues such as rupture, rippling, or capsular contracture. These potential risks will be carefully discussed with you during our consultation well before the surgery takes place.

There are factors to consider before you decide to undergo a breast enhancement procedure. First is the cost. You must take into consideration the financial implications of going ahead. Aside from financial considerations, there is of course, the safety issue. Some of these risks have already been outlined before, in addition to those, several reports claim that there have been cases of women who suffer from adverse effects from the procedure, even years after they had it done.

Some women have ventured into looking for more affordable alternatives by getting their breasts done outside the country, where facilities and professional fees of doctors are cheaper, only to suffer the consequences of sub-standard facilties. There have been so many horror stories of women who thought they would just go for a ‘standard’ procedure to make them look and feel better about themselves, only to experience health scares. Yes, some women even meet their deaths on the operating table just for supposedly minor cosmetic procedures such as liposuction or breast enhancement.

At the Lotus Institute we have a surgical breast enhancement state of the art facility in the Gold Coast where we can help you make the right decision that is right for you. During the pre-op consultation your surgeon will discuss your breast history, examine your breasts and discuss with you the procedure and your options. He will also advise you of the most appropriate breast size for your body – by assessing your proportions, height, weight and your body type. Ultimately though, the final decision is up to you.

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